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Questions tagged [smoothing]

Having a surface free from irregularities, roughness, or projections.

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Ability to O-ring seal SLM 3D printed part

I am thinking of 3D printing a metal part from JLC PCB's metal 3D printing service. The part will be used in a compressed air application. I need to be able to statically seal the part using an O-ring....
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Why are flat sections printing rough?

This is not a duplicate of Ender 3 first print some area is smooth but some is rough? -- that question has vertical, curved surfaces that are rough. My vertical, curved surfaces are fine; it is ...
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Any suggestions on problems with viscosity?

I just started resin printing in order to build enclosures for my little microcontroller projects. Sadly, I am having trouble getting good, planar, rectangular objects to print. Background: I have no ...
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Is there a good or rather better way to finish/smooth FDM prints? [duplicate]

I'm curious as to whether there's an easier and/or more effective way to smooth/finish my FDM prints. I've read about some online but I'd like a second opinion. I'm mostly using PLA and PLA+.
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3D print is not smooth, even with ironing turned on

I am very new to 3D printing and I cannot figure out what is the problem is. I have checked all of the belts and (to the best of my knowledge) they are tensioned properly. I also did the bed ...
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Top and bottom of part not coming out smooth

I have an Ender 3 printer and can not figure out why the top and bottom layer of this print comes out the way it does every print. I have tried increasing the initial layer height to 0.3 mm and ...
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Smoothers for TEVO Tornado printer

I have a TEVO Tornado (bought quite recently) and I want to know what is the best type of smoothers MKS smoothers or TL smoothers? Are they the same thing?
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Smooth finish on large parts

I would like to print a vase that has a width/length/height footprint of 100x100x200 mm, and the surface finish is of particular interest to me. Ideally, I would like to do a minimum of sanding/XTC-3D ...
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What solvents are appropriate for smoothing/finishing ASA?

When I print parts in ABS, acetone vapour smoothing is a good technique to get a smooth finish. Is there an equivalent solvent or process for parts printed in ASA? Ideally I'm looking for something as ...
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Sandable primer suitable for PLA?

What kind of primer should I be using for my PLA prints? I want to be able to sand the object after applying the primer for a smooth finish before painting. Would something like this work? https://...
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What causes ripples on part of first layer?

I'm having issues with ripples on the first layer of big flat prints. The initial corner of a big flat print is fine, but then ripples begin to form as shown in the screenshot. I'm just a newbie, so ...
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Acetone smoothing not working on ABSPlus-P430

I am using a STRATASYS Fortus 250mc to 3D print some parts. I have read a lot on internet and also on some scientific literature that Acetone dissolves ABS and cold/hot vapor has been successfully ...
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Could nail polish damage pure PLA?

I would like to use nail polish to paint and smooth a PLA model. Could nail polish damage a model made out of pure PLA?
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What's smoother? Acetone treated PLA or ABS

From my understanding, both PLA and ABS can be treated with acetone to make them smoother. So when they are treated with acetone, which is smother PLA or ABS or are they about the same? When I ...
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FDM: Clear=transparent part

I intend and would like to print a transparent hemisphere. I have a Taulman T-Glase clear 1.75 mm filament and I have XTC-3D. You can read this interesting page, Hacking t-glase to look more like ...
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Smooth finish in Slic3r using Support Material

How can I obtain a smooth finish like the one in this video: Easy and clean support material removal from 3D printed part., using Slic3r instead of Simplify3D? What settings do I need to change?
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Methods for smoothing 3D objects [closed]

How do I smooth 3D printed objects? What is the best / common method to do this?
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Maintaining fine details while applying smoothing methods

I've been reading and experimenting with Acetone vapour smoothing on some printed ABS parts. My problem is that I need to selectively smoothen the printed parts which vapor smoothing doesn't allow. In ...
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