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Use this tag for questions about a printed object's stability.

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Does VHB tape stick better on 3D prints if the surface is completely flat or roughed up?

I made a hook recently that I put up with VHB tape. It fell off around 2 weeks later (the hook come loose from the tape). It's just a hook for an empty backpack, so let's say it is under medium load. ...
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Is 'natural' colored filament equally brittle compared to white filament?

I've read that white filament is a lot more brittle, because the pigment percentage is close to 50 %, e.g. black filament it's only around 8 %. I was therefore wondering if 'natural' colored filament, ...
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Design connection to motor shaft for printed gear

I am currently trying to print a gear with the possibility to connect it to the shaft of a DC motor. The following picture best describes what the shaft of the motor looks like by showing the hole ...
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Some procedures to improve 1st layer

I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this improves the success rate of the first layer by doing this before starting print. My case is using ABS with a Reprap. In may work on other 3D printers and ...
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Damaged overhang

I have issues with this overhang: The whole part always breaks in this overhang during the print. I tried to increase the count of wall lines and decrease printing speed, but none of those things ...
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Can you put PLA parts in your car (in the sun)?

I'm in the process of building my own head unit / stereo prototype for a car, which will have a 3D-printed enclosure. My concern is that cars can get quite hot in the sun, and even more so if you ...
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stable FDM materials

What materials, available as filaments for use in FDM printing, are known to be the most physically and chemically inert? In particular, stability (not necessarily simultaneously) in the presence of ...
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Typical plastic strength at 1500 RPM

I'm planning to print a certain sample holder which is going to be placed on a CD-Rom BLDC motor and spun at about 1000-1500 RPM. The holder would essentially be a 2-3 mm thick 100 mm square platform ...
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Easiest way to build a horizontal hotend mount at home, without printing

For my Frankenstein's printer I am at a loss with the hotend mount. I cannot drill holes of 16 (upper diameter) and 12 mm (clamping diameter, 6mm high) which i would need to mount the E3D V6 clone I ...
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