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Some procedures to improve 1st layer

I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this improves the success rate of the first layer by doing this before starting print. My case is using ABS with a Reprap. In may work on other 3D printers and ...
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Anet A6-L won't turn on again

I've just assembled my new Anet a6-L (with auto leveling). At first everything goes well, it turned on ready to setup but a couple hours later the printer just shutdown and won't turn on for about an ...
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First move after Start gcode, to start position (but before printing) is way too fast

I have a delta printer. The problem is that after the start gcode is executed and the extruder head is 15 (Pic: x0) mm above the center of the plate, the first move towards the start (x1) of the ...
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