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For questions regarding `.stl` files and the STL file format.

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Cura messes up my print. How can I make it print what I see in Blender?

I'm using Cura and it removes my holes and deletes sections of the print and disconnects parts. In Blender it looks as it should be, as I designed it. I know there are a few mishaps inside (not ...
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How do I keep the .stl files from being resized while exporting?

I made a few models in Autodesk Inventor. When I tried to get them printed, the printer created a model smaller than the model I made in Inventor (270mm x 200mm). Is there a way to keep them from ...
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File from Blender is different in Shapeways's preview

I am trying to print a model I designed in Blender on Shapeways. The object has a hole in it: But when I upload it to Shapeways as a STL file, fixed the sizes, but the hole is filled up in the ...
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Black surface in Meshmixer

I was working on a model today and I need to make the black surface into a normal surface so that the ship's cockpit is solid. I am unable to select the black surface. I tried using the flip normals ...
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Sketchup designed "Block with hole" printed solid in Cura

When I export my SketchUp STL model to Cura it looks good in solid mode but in the layers mode some holes are filled up. To find the reason why, I broke down the original model by deleting the parts ...
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