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For questions regarding `.stl` files and the STL file format.

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Converting .par files to STL

I am using SolidEdge to create 3D models in .par files and right now I have over 30 files and I need to create STL files to print them in 3D printer using GrabCad Is there a way to convert all those ...
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How to 3D view an OBJ or STL object given its URL?

I have OBJ and STL files generated by reality capture software and stored on a website. I'd like to send our users web links that will take them to a 3D object web viewer loaded with the corresponding ...
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Scaling mechanism in Creality Slicer 1.2.3 for super small/large STL

I am having a tough time to understand scaling out and in STD files loaded into the Creality Slicer 1.2.3. For instance an STL like this: ...
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"plane Cut" on a curve

I have a cosplay prop that I am trying to cut up into pieces so I can print them out in different color filament eliminating the need for any painting (it's the Handle in Mercy's Caduceus Staff from ...
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Cura "Print Thin Walls" patchy result

I have a model of a building that has a fence around the roof. The fencing must have Print Thin Walls enabled to print at all, but the result is patchy: You can see the blue outline of the fencing ...
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