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For questions regarding the storage of materials and products of 3D printing.

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Humidity sensor says drybox isn't that dry - are my expectations unrealistic or is something wrong?

I have recently, in anticipation of printing carbon-fiber-reinforced nylon filament (Polymaker PA6-CF) on my Prusa i3 MK3S, built a filament drybox. It is made out of a large aluminum equipment ...
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Is PETG sensetive to moisture?

Various filaments are sensitive to moisture to one degree or another. So far I've only printed with PLA. I can definitely tell the difference between fresh (just out of the package) PLA but I don't do ...
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What ambient humidity should one target for filament storage?

I live in an arid environment and have never worried about leaving filament out for an extended period of time. To reduce how frequently we receive static shocks I installed a whole house humidifier ...
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Vacuum storage bags?

Does anyone use "space saver" style vacuum storage bags to keep fillament dry? I picked up some Ziploc space bags, but they are larger than ideal. Would probably fit 2.5 spools. I would love a smaller ...
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How do I know when filament is getting old, and what things can I do to correct for it?

I've heard I should store filament in sealed container, preferably with a desiccant. But let's say I let a spool get a little old on the printer, or I purchased a filament spool that was old or ...
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How long can you leave filament in the extruder

Just one quick question about the filament. Can I leave the filament in the extruder for a prolonged period of time while the printer is off?
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Does filament have to be stored in an airtight environment?

For standard ABS and PLA filament, most distributors recommend storing the filament in an airtight bag. Does not doing this actually make print quality worse? I have left mine in the open for a year ...
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