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For questions relating to the use of TinkerCAD, a free online 3D modeling program owned by AutoDesk.

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How to maintain 1 mm rounding when I need 3 mm in a single axis?

I have planned a simple object in TinkerCAD from a box with radius set to 1 mm. However I would need to get a 3 mm rounding on the vertical axis, therefore I have added a quarter circular eraser. ...
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3d model thickened but still hollow; problems printing it

I started fiddling with Blender this week as I bought a 3D model of a backpack that I wanted to 3D print. In order to get Lychee to print it, I had to use a back-and-forth combination of Blender and ...
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Very first 3D prints, but bad quality. What can I do?

To start with, as stated in the title, I am very new to 3D printing. We're a toy/boardgame shop and we're experimenting with 3D printing because it could open up a huge market for us. To this end, I'm ...
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Is it possible to export a model from, reimport it, and edit it again as a grouped collection of individual parts?

I have this model, for instance, made in It is made up of a bunch of grouped objects. I'd like to be able to back it up by saving it locally, then reimport it and ungroup those ...
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Can't "Send To" Thingiverse from

Anyone else seeing this issue? Anyone know a solution? While editing a part on (this part, to be specific), I click the "Send To" button in the top-right --> click ...
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How can I fill in the gap in this model without this tessellation/deformation occurring?

To start off my apologies if this question seems somewhat unclear. For context I am attaching the images of the model and the modified version in TinkerCAD. My issue is that I cannot fill in the gap ...
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Vary line with Z-axis for imported SVG file

I have an SVG file of a line drawing. When I import it into Tinkercad it generates a 3D version with the width of the lines remaining constant along the Z-axis (as expected). I would like to ...
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File too big to open in Tinkercad. How can I shrink it?

I need to shrink an STL file below the 25 MB threshold, so I can open it in TinkerCad. I don't care about quality, I just need it shrunk. How can I do this?
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Parameterizable customer object in Tinkercad

Background: Basic shapes in Tinkercad have parameters like Sides, Segments, ... (see screenshot below). Using codeblocks one can create custom shape. Within the code it is possible to define variables ...
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How to create a support structure in tinkercad?

I've created a case for my Raspberry Pi in Tinkercad and would like to 3d print it. However, I don't know how to create supports! I tried looking it up, but I got a model that I don't know how to ...
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What is the simplest way to render an image of an obj exported from Tinkercad?

I like Tinkercad so far for it's very simple UI. (I'm new to 3D modeling and very confused by Blender and the like.) However, I'm not using it to do 3D printing just yet. For I'd like to be able to be ...
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