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Questions using this tag should involve the Tronxy X5 3D printer manufactured by Shenzhen Tronxy Technology Co., Ltd.

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Why do straight lines on the top appear to be curved?

I'm having a problem with my prints. Recently when I print rectangular pieces, the piece has an strange curve in one edge, it also has an strange patter in the surface. I have calibrated the bed but ...
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My 3D printer shows inbuilt designs, but my designs are invisible

My designs are invisible on 3D printer LCD screen, i.e. the name of my design is showing up, but the part is missing and if I slice it with the software given by the 3D-printer company it works, but ...
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X axis stops working sometimes on my Tronxy X5SA

This is regarding the circuit of my 3D printer Tronxy X5SA's stepper motor for X axis. I had an observation: It has a cooling fan (40X10 24V) which is having issues lately - it stops working sometimes,...
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Tronxy X5S losing steps during print

This is my first printer, a core xy (Tronxy X5S) printer, and it is losing steps during diagonal movements. The curious thing its that fail is even, I've printed 2 calibration cubes and they are ...
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Thermister stops reading temp after a few seconds. (Marlin 1.1.8, Tronxy X5s stock Melzi board)

I think it's best that I explain what my issue is before I explain how I arrived here. I have a Tronxy x5s with a stock board that I am repairing for the sake of repairing, even though I know I should ...
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Extruder clicking Tronxy x5s

Whenever it start printing the extruder starts clicking, I tried adjusting the voltage with no luck, it's still clicking. And it doesn't extrude a lot of plastic sometimes it even stops extruding but ...
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