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Questions about the 3D printer manufacturer Ultimaker. NOT for Questions about the Printers or their slicer Cura.

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Weird Pattern First Layer Extrusion

I'm working on tuning an old Ultimaker 2 Go, and I'm having some weird extrusion issues. The printer uses a Bowden extruder. Extrusion seems to increase and decrease. I don't think it is the filament ...
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PLA not sticking to the build plate

I have an Anycubic Chiron printer and use Ultimaker Cura for slicing. Recently I printed a simple clip, had no problems whatsoever. I have since upgraded Cura to the latest version, and now the PLA ...
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Ringing with Ultimakers, what is the cause?

At my work, we have 3x Ultimaker 2+, 1x Ultimaker 3 and 1x PRUSA i3 mk3s. The Ultimakers have been used quite a lot for the past three years, but the belts and bearings seem ok. I got heavy ringing ...
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Which is the right filiament type to print breakable children's toy parts such as small gears

Probably the question sounds a little strange; however, I am looking for a filament which is breakable and not so steady and reliable as PLA. I want to print parts similar to the following gears for ...
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