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Universal Serial Bus; an interface standard for connecting computers and electronic devices for communication and charging.

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What is a printer console/terminal?

I read that G-code commands can be sent through a console/terminal over USB. What is a console/terminal and how do you use that?
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Can I use external stepper motor power and USB connection

I have a RAMPS 1.4 with Arduino Mega 2560 with 2 steppers connected to an external power supply using Polulo stepper drivers. The steppers are for X and Y axis movement. This external power supply is ...
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How do you send G-code from a USB port with Python?

I'm working on a project for my masters where I'm trying to detect print errors using object detection and I want to be able to pause the printer when a potential fault is detected. However I can't ...
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I can not really connect successfully to my printer via USB

I have a Tronxy P802M (very similar to the Anet A8, but using a Melzi2.0V5 board) that seems to work fine (I just finished building, and axes movement and the integrated display work) but when I try ...
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