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Questions tagged [usb]

Universal Serial Bus; an interface standard for connecting computers and electronic devices for communication and charging.

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'Ask' printer for printing status

I'm using Artillery Hornet printer running Marlin firmware. Is there a way to ask/query printer status via its USB/Serial interface? Without OctoPrint, etc. Example (something like this): ...
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MKS GEN L looks dead

In an attempt to upgrade my Ender 3 to TMC2208, I bought an MKS GENL 1.0 board from Banggood, but it doesn't get recognized from the Windows Device Manager at all: ...
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Is there a known fix for when the Photon S has trouble reading from USB flash drives?

I have a new Photon S that I was able to print twice with so far. I've only been able to print the sample file on the Anycubic web site. When I tried to print my first custom object, it wouldn't read ...
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MKS Gen V1.4 won't work when connect to computer via USB

My board programmed OK using Arduino software and spoke back to me on the USB port. I then installed it in the system. The display worked fine selecting menu items when powered up. However, when I ...
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Cura does not connect to Sovol SV04

I followed the instruction here and here and I'm trying to connect my Sovol SV04 with Cura in order to enable the "Monitor" page. When I connect the USB cable, Ubuntu 22.04 creates the ...
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CR 10 mini not detected as serial interface (Win 10)

I want to use my secondary Win 10 PC for OctoPrint (Direct connection to the Printer via USB) but Windows detects the Printer as Unknown USB Device (Device Descriptor Request Failed) I'm 99.9 % sure ...
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Delta Wasp 4070 Pro USB connection error

Hardware: MacBook Air 2022, Delta Wasp 4070 Pro; USB Printer cable Software: Simplyfy3D ver 5 Issue: At Verify Connection, the printer initiates but the connection fails. I have tried various baud ...
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