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Use this tag for questions on ventilation and filtration of spaces (e.g. enclosed build space or room ventilation).

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Is enclosure without ventilation enough to keep VOC's and printer fumes from leaking into my room?

I am currently in the look for a 3D printer and one major issue I find it the fumes/VOCs that printing can emit. I am not planning to do ABS or similar but I've read from studies that PLA also may ...
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Enclosure Ventilation

I am building an enclosure for my 3D printer (Anycubic i3 Mega) and I'm wondering about heat and ventilation for my machine. My enclosure is is build from five 50x50x50 cm Plexiglass frames glued ...
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Should I print in a well ventilated area?

With hot plastic being laid down layer after layer, I am worried about fumes. Should I only print in a well ventilated work space? Should I add additional ventilation?
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Printer/Material/Setup recommendation for printing mechanical parts [closed]

I'm interested in printing small machine parts (gears, linkages, structural components) so I'm looking for accuracy and mechanical strength over speed and volume. I'm also somewhat concerned about ...
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Enclosure, things to pay attention to?

I got an Anet A8 and want to build an enclosure for it. Since I'm currently only printing PLA, I would do it mainly for noise cancelling, because I have to run it in my room. I however want to have ...
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ABS Filament safety concerns

I have the XYZPrinting da-Vinci-1.0 with ABS filament. I am concerned about ventilation. If this is used inside, what safety precautions are necessary, which are recommended, and/or which are optional?...
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What kind of filter do I need for the enclosure of a 3d printer? [duplicate]

I've heard alot about the need for ventilation when using 3D Printers lately. Is there any special sort of filter that would prevent the toxic gases from leaking out of the printer while it's ...
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What air filtration options exist for enclosures?

Given the emissions that 3d printing gives off (ABS = styrene and other chemicals, PLA give some off, etc), what options are there to filter the air in the enclosure other than venting the air out of ...
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