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How to fix zits and blobs caused by Cura?

I am using a Creality CR-10S Pro, and lately, I've been having problems with zits and blobs on my surface whenever I do an aesthetic print that has more curves and turns than a functional print would have. I think it started when I started using OctoPrint. I'm pretty sure the slicer is causing it, but I don't know exactly what setting. This are the results I'm getting with PLA at 60 mm/s and 10 % infill:

print results

After this, I just changed the infill to 0 % and it fixed it, but only in the first few layers. I thought I had solved the problem, but after a particular layer, it started again (less than before, but still). These are the results:

print results

This only makes it even more mind-boggling to me. What setting is causing this? I tried changing the maximum resolution and maximum deviation but returned to the first results.