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Another option is to use Full Control Designer where you can define the path using Excel formulas and it will generate the GCode for you.


For stuff like this, OpenSCAD is your friend. There are several different approaches you could take: Generate an image file with grayscale color representing the height of the function on an XY grid, and use the surface feature to import it as a heightmap. Write the function as a mathematical expression in OpenSCAD language, and write a module to generate ...


This software may be of some use to you. Whilst looking into software/firmware for a Frankensbox FX-800, I came across this document For medical use - Dedicated series 3D printer, on the Dedibot website, which on page 4 states the following: The relevant part (in text form) is this: It can be used to read DICOM format CT/MRI/Micro CT/Micro MRI/Industrial ...


I have some experience with VR visualisation of DICOM scans. I can tell you that these kind of scans usually are way too "hazy" to simply be 3D printed. To give you the best images possible you need to make a high-resolution scan of only the heart (smaller region scans make better quality images). Siemens has had some fantastic result with their ...

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