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If you have no other components to the vessel intruding into the volume of the model, consider to create a suitably primitive shape centered in the hull. By creating a boolean union, the new primitive will "absorb" the empty space and terminate the noodles. The result will be a hollow model, more or less as the original, but with a thicker wall.


It appears that your question is directed to solving the problem of converting your file of parameters to a 3D printable form. I'm far from an OpenSCAD wizard, but I suspect that your parameters file could be read into a properly coded OpenSCAD document to create the necessary STL to be printed. Your reference of I, J, K is better considered as X, Y, Z and ...


Stratasys industrial machines generally use proprietary software to prepare the print files for printing and don't use common slicers like Ultimaker Cura or Prusa-slicer. The software that is suggested by the manufacturer for both arranging and preparing prints on their machines of the Objet type is GrabCAD, a free software. The project is owned by Stratasys,...

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