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Creality Ender 3 after normal printing, lost the ability to print in X and Z axis

I unscrewed parts that move X and Z axis, took off E and X connectors and then put everything in place. Gently moved the head on X axis, turned the printer on and it was working fine. Maybe, something ...
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Printer keeps going down when BLTouch activates during auto homing (4.2.2 board)

Turns out that the trigger signal (white) and GND (black) wires just had faulty connections.
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Nozzle Z-level is not aligned with Z-probe

I found the issue. The nozzle is supposed to be lower than the z-probe. It seems to be caused by some screws that were not fully tightened, and because of that the nozzle assembly was hanging over a ...
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Is there a way to get a "vase mode" for multiple wall prints if you just change the order the walls are printed on each layer?

Vase mode can't have two walls Vase mode creates one continuous spiraling pattern all over. Z is moving up continuously very slowly. There is no "end of the layer", there is just a start ...
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Ender 3 - Prints above bed, but the purge/start line is perfect

The default purge line is supposed to be thick. So thick that it's actually problematic for some materials. Thus, it's possible for it to come out "thin but adhering to the bed just fine" if ...
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