There is a trade-off between the length of the melt zone and the speed at which you can print. The filament itself is somewhat of an insulator, so as the outside of the filament is heated up by being in contact with the melt zone, the inside stays cold. Therefore, the filament needs a certain amount of time inside the melt zone for the inside to fully melt. ...


The repository's README.md includes a section titled "Build Scripts", with a link to another repository: https://github.com/Ultimaker/cura-build This includes dependencies and instructions for building Cura on Windows.


As you are an experienced developer, these links should help: This is a related question, but for Ubuntu How to build CuraEngine? Wikipedia has an informative page on Cura, which lists the Github development pages: Cura Github development page Cura Github legacy (pre-Ultimaker) development page Cura slicing engine Github development page ...

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