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I sounds like you are on the edge of almost heat creep if you start printing before the extruder cools off. See if letting the extruder cool down to near room temperature solves the problem.


This is opinion-based, but the volcano has drawbacks that affect print quality, mine is oozier and sloppier than a V6 with the shorter, more precise melt zone. It isn’t a slam dunk upgrade, more of a special applications part. I think there is no point to using a Volcano unless you’re running big nozzles fast, like .8 mm. Your 5 mm3/s throughput is low, the ...


200°C is way too cold for printing PETG, especially with the Ender 3's weak extruder (ungeared, single flat hob with minimal contact with the filament) that already struggles with PETG. Probably it barely manages to keep up while the flow is low enough, but starts slipping in the extruder at some point in your print that needs higher flow, and then the torn-...


A related answer was provided in Is E-axis steps/mm resolution limiting factor in print quality? The gear ratio has two main constraints: it should allow you to reach the printing speed you want, so it cannot reduce too much otherwise the motor cannot spin that fast and it cannot output enough torque, it should allow the stepper motor to control extrusion ...

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