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New Creality branded direct extruder clicks, won't extrude

0scar was correct, my Vref for the extruder was too low. It was at 0.7 V I raised it up to 1.1 V, and all seems to be working now. I will go back and check the other Vrefs later on.
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G-code for stationary extrusion

I figured it out! Their firmware apparently has a M750 command in which you can set the pressure of the printhead for x amount of microseconds. So I can simply use the G0 command to move the printhead ...
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Does the E-Value always define the filament length extrusion in millimeters and/or does it directly give a stepper rotation?

Yes, you read that correctly, you indeed push the filament 10 mm with G1 E10 (if you started at a value of E0 as in an absolute ...
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