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The thermal conductivity will certainly affect the time necessary to bring it to temperature, but will also require adjustment to flow rate with respect to speed of travel. The increased time for heat to travel to the nozzle is reflected in the increased time for heat to be "restored" as the filament transfers it from the nozzle to the bed and to ...


I have the exact same issue. I still haven't figured out what is going on, but my next step is to work backwards. I brought my machine in for repairs at our local shop, and the end result was "heat creep" . It worked for a few prints, then stopped. It jammed on me and in the process of removing the jam, I broke the leads to the heat block. When ...


There are a few probable causes I can think of based on your description. That it only starts happening after the printer has been running for a bit makes me think it's a heat issue. The first problem I'd check out is that extruder motor getting that hot. It should be warm, but not so hot it's uncomfortable to hold. Either the stepper is defective, or you ...


I noticed that the motor is getting pretty hot. That's not normal. Replacement motors are cheap and easy to find, so I'd swap out the motor before doing anything else. If the new one also heats up the same way, there might be a problem with the main board, but I'll bet a new motor will solve the problem.

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