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How to recycle filament material from printed parts?

If you're more interested in the recycling and reuse aspect than the re-print aspect, you could melt all the scrap filament onto a cookie sheet or into a bar (like in a bread ban). You could then ...
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How does the Filament production process work?

Some general comments about the process used (plastic extrusion): The plastic extrusion process is not simple- many textbooks dense with equations have been written about it. The lowest cost ...
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What type of plastic can be used to produce your own filament?

Filament manufacturers (for example, Colorfabb) also sell pellets, price per kilo would be about 10 times less than the same plastic in filament form. Out of household garbage only ABS can be easily ...
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What currently available solutions can be used to determine how much filament weight is left on the spool without knowing empty spool weight?

In my experience, empty plastic spools weigh between 125 and 250 grams. My practice is to weigh a full spool after removing all the packaging and record that weigh before using any. While using the ...
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Does PLA lose mechanical properties when recycled, and if so, how often can it be recycled?

Yes, recycled PLA loses mechanical properties. According to Dr. D-Flo's excellent video on Recycling 3D Prints and Waste plastic into Filament (PET & PLA) it loses mechanical strength during every ...
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Filament mixer?

OK, it just turned up on Thingiverse that someone has demonstrated a trivial machine to do exactly what I asked for: any FDM printer. Its sounds crazy, but it works! This technique will allow you to ...
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How does the Filament production process work?

I do my own filaments and its pretty simple. The real key for quality is stability of everything. The temperature, the movement of the air around cooling part, the extrusion force, both internal and ...
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