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Propper use of fillament dryer

After one dehydrates a spool of filament, one typically removes the spool and secures it in a manner to prevent the return of moisture. Using a dehydration device increases the speed at which the ...
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Is there a table or list of tare weights of empty spools of various manufacturers?

I an effort to consolidate all this information in one single place, I created the following Google Sheet:
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What filaments are resistant to acetone?

Not the easiest filament to print, but nylon is a contender. According to CP Lab Safety web site, nylon rates A-Excellent in resistance to acetone. If you require the components to be glued together, ...
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Is real PETG softened/degraded by acetone?

I have tried to use PETG grid to hold my ABS models above the acetone for vapor smoothing. Specifically, I have used Prusament PETG in the Prusa Orange colors. After a few hours acetone turned orange, ...
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