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You should be able to add a global override to the flow percentage on Marlin firmware printers. Add this line somewhere in your start code: M221 S97 ; Flow Percentage hard set. In Cura, edit the printer's machine settings. The S is the percentage. In my case, 97 % works for PLA+. Here is a link you might find useful. Marlin Docs


For anyone who has this problem in the future my solution was to loosen the screw on top of the touch just a little bit


In step based motion control, the time between two steps is calculated directly from velocity. If that time is not constant then you are accelerating or decelerating based on a specified acceleration. The next time between steps is calculated from the current velocity based on the desired acceleration. However when moving 2 or 3 axes at once, this can result ...


You could download the firmware version directly from the vendor and choose the one that is supposed to be on the board when it was shipped to you. Put the bin file on the SD card from your laptop/computer and reinsert the SD card in the printer and start the printer.


It seems the pinout scheme changed on the Creality board between the versions V4.2.2 and 4.2.8. For example, PB9 & PC2 were inverted between step_pin and dir_pin. Using the following Klipper config (found here) allows the motors to do their job again. [stepper_x] step_pin: PB9 dir_pin: PC2 enable_pin: !PC3 step_distance: .0125 endstop_pin: ^PA5 ...

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