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What material is Prusa mk3s+ hotend heaterblock made of?

Aluminum At 9.20 grams (around 0.32 ounces) including screws and some soot I wasn't able to clean out, it can't be anything but aluminum.
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Ultimaker 2 Go - Converting to Use 1.75 mm Filament

Figured this out a while ago, but I thought I might as well update this. So the issue was simply there was not enough tension, and that pretty much solved all the problems. I also did end up using an ...
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Changing axial fan on CR-10 smart caused temp fluctuation/heat creep

After encountering issues with an unknown brand fan overpowering the Creality fan, I experimented with resistors. Initially, a 330-ohm resistor resolved the thermal runaway warning but led to under-...
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Anycubic printer gives a "hotend not heating up" error

As it is brand new, contact the seller. If it wasn't brand new, but years into service, you could troubleshoot why it is not heating up, e.g. loose contact, bad heater element, thermistor faulty, etc.....
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