The HyperCube is an open source CoreXY 3D printer.

The HyperCube is a popular CoreXY 3D printer (with a popular enhanced version called the HyperCube Evolution) for those who like to step up the 3D printing quality with respect to e.g. Cartesian Prusa i3 type 3D printers (moving Y platform). The design consists of an aluminium cubicle frame that contains a raising/lowering (Z-axis) platform and a parallel manipulator system (stationary stepper motors for X and Y movement) to move the nozzle assembly. The lower inertia of a parallel manipulator system, when using the same motors and the same forces, typically gives more rapid acceleration than serial stackup arrangements. Frequently, the carriage uses a Bowden style hotend to maintain a low inertia value. The principles of movement are described here.