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The picture that is shown under the Printer Origin heading is not the print bed as stated. It is a picture of the print head and the nozzle position relative to the edge of the print head. This is so you can set the print head to the end stop and have the nozzle on the edge of the bed. This normally only needs adjusting with a Z probe but can be used to ...


I can get down to 13 lines using 6 commands: G1 movements, G28 homing, M140 setting the bed temperature without pause, M109 to set the hotend temperature, G4 dwell to pause, and M300 to beep. G1 Z20 F1000 G1 X20 G1 Y20 G28 G1 Z20 M140 S50 M109 R180 G4 S60 M140 S0 M109 R20 M300 S440 P200 G4 P200 M300 S660 P200

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