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Welcome to the fantastic, sometimes frustrating but most often glorious world of 3D printing David! :) Your question is really very very broad, but here's my contribution to make your first steps a success. First of all: I don't have experience with the Robo R2, but judging from the specs available online, I would say that you got a machine that take care ...


I have found that "Troubleshooting and Maintaining your 3d Printer" by Charles Bell has a good overview of: 3d Printer Assembly and parts 3d Printer Calibration 3d Printer Software Filament materials 3d Printer Maintenance (both preventative and corrective) 3d Hardware Troubleshooting 3d Print Troubleshooting


This is a free ebook that I have perused briefly which it looks interesting, and it is free (did I say that already?) 3D Printing of metals Manoj Gupta ISBN 978-3-03842-591-5 (Pbk); ISBN 978-3-03842-592-2 (PDF) Three other books that might be of interest are: 3D Printing with Metals for Design Engineers, Explained Ann R. Thryft Downloadable free ebook, ...

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