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Setting Z offset on Artillery Hornet (Marlin

You might want to try and adjust it in Marlin itself but it will be a long, frustrating process of trial and error. Alternatively, if you are using Cura you can download a plug-in that allows you to ...
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New Ender 3 E-steps off by 367?

a brand new Ender 3 (base model), running firmware, was extruding at approximately 20% when doing a calibration test. This doesn't mean the esteps are wrong. There is no physically possible ...
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How to decrease sensitivity to heat-bed temperature?

For people from google: Go to configuration_adv.h in the marlin firmware source code, and search for "THERMAL_PROTECTION_HYSTERESIS". Then increase the number. The number is how much degress ...
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Why does the ZAxis not move when I autohome when using the BTT as a probe and the SKR e3V3 image?

Sorry finally getting back to answering the question. If this happens and your BLTouch is plugged into the Z-Probe you should make your Configuration file look like this... ...
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