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Torture toaster with PETG

From what I can tell, the BIQU B1 is an Ender 3 clone with a similar extruder, which probably has really poor grip on the filament. This is bad with PETG, which tends to slip, and once it starts ...
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PETG layers are super rough

Go a little warmer. Maybe 242. Also, that 6 mm retraction number looks okay if you have a Bowden setup, but it's way too high if you don't (1.5 is a better starting number). Finally, there are those ...
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What brand of Black PETG filament is *glossy*?

This question as originally stated is pretty far off-topic: asking for product recommendations. We don't give answers of that form on this site. However, in general PETG is very glossy unless it's ...
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Extra extrusion at seam of print with PETG

After checking several places online, I finally got an answer in a Discord chat. The solution was to turn off the Power-loss recovery setting on the printer itself. After that was done, the print came ...
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PETG Benchy boogers and stringing

While you did use a dryer, the bumps on the surface look like moisture bubbles. I've found it difficult to completely dry out PETG once it gains moisture, although drying is a great improvement. ...
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