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Can a PLA print be laser engraved?

The engraving depends on the colour of the part and on the material. It also depends on the type of laser used (CO2, diode). PLA works, in general. You can see the following three videos, all testing ...
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What would cause my 3D printer to start printing badly from one day to the other?

This could be due to several reasons. It looks like your filament isn't being properly guided into the extrusion head and hence bending or slowing down. You may prefer buying what's called a bowden ...
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How can I change the bed temperature after 3-4 layers instead of first layer?

Within OrcaSlicer click the "pencil and pad" to edit your printer preset (indicated by the blue arrow in the image), enable Advanced in the preset window (indicated by the green arrow), then ...
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Can a PLA print be laser engraved?

Yes, you can laser engrave objects 3D printed with PLA, but there are important considerations to keep in mind to avoid damaging the entire structure. PLA has a relatively low melting point (around ...
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