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A strong epoxy like BSI 5-15 min works great for me. I use it to bond high power rocket fin halves printed from PETG:


You are correct, you can over cure a print by leaving it out in the sun. Prints can even over cure just by the ambient light in a room from the sun (though it would take a while). One easy option to counter this krylon UV-Resistant Clear Coating which can be found at most hardware stores. I have used it but I found that it made my print a little softer this ...


The problem is probably the UHU glue having not had the time to cure through and interacting with either the PLA, the moisture in the garage, or the brick-paper's covering foil. Many of the metal-tube UHU glues - like "UHU Hart" - are resin-based and contain solvents that can interact with some polymers like the coating of the brick paper. Curing ...

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