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STL does not know quads: STL only knows trigons, defined by three vertices and the normal that belongs to this trigon, though there are extra properties that each trigon can have (such as color). When saving a quad as STL, it has to be converted into two trigons next to one another. The problems appear when some quads have a single point that is not ...


The horizontal bands are 5mm apart, which is a common pitch for the screws often used for the Z axis. I would look for something that binds, moves, slips, or touches once per screw revolution. The movement repeats along the screw, so if it is a screw defect I would look for a scratch or bump that affects the screw along its axis. If you don't see that, ...


So I've been trying to fix that problem and I've managed to do it. I have tightened the X axis belt and went through all configuration files on, that fixed my problem. Thank you for helping me to solve this issue.

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