You should check that the steps per mm for your Z-axis are set correctly. This depends on the pitch of the leadscrews/threaded rods driving the axis and parameters of your steppers (microstepping and raw steps/revolution). This Calculator. Make sure that your layer height is a multiple of a full step of the Z-stepper. The Z-stepper may be disabled ...


Thanks to your advices I pointed my effort on the root of the possible cause on the Z axis. I swapped the Polou driver between x and z and clearly noted that now the problem is on x. I had to conclude that the problem is with the Polou driver which randomly looses steps. What is surprising me is that on the Z axis I have two motor type Nema 14 which should ...


You could check that the stepper driver IC for the z direction is not getting too hot while printing. If this is the case it may be that the current adjustment of the stepper driver is set incorrect causing it to skip steps. however you would expect the same behaviour in manual operation.

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