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Is it possible to send/receive serial messages from/to Ender 3 mainboards (not USB!)?

You can solder cables to the RX, TX and GND pins on the mainboard. There are tutorials on Youtube that describe this.
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Can I use Web Serial API to send G-code to my Ender 5 Pro?

Finally, got it! I was very close, but two changes needed to be made to the above code for the example to work. The baudRate needed to be changed to ...
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Octoprint does not detect Serial port of RPi zero

Neither the tutorial of Prusa nor the Octoprint setup instructions mention this. But it's common Raspberry Pi knowledge, for everyone how experiments with the RPi. The Serial interface that works over ...
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Print from SD and connect to serial host at the same time

This can be done, but you need to have the right order of operations. Octoprint relies on such a setup. Set up the serial connection first, as sending the connect signal from your terminal or ...
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Sending G-code commands to Hyrel System 30M using python

If the one in your question is your complete code, a possibility is that your computer is just buffering the output for the serial port, withholding it in memory. Try to add ...
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Controlling a 3D printer with another Arduino device over serial

This isn't really a 3D-printing issue as much as it is about Arduino, USB, and how serial connections over USB differ from a generic UART serial connection. For a UART-based serial connection, there ...
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OctoPrint Unable to Connect to Lulzbot Mini

If the printer returns gibberish, the Baud rate of the connection is incorrect. You are using 115200 in the example above. For older Mini firmwares, it should indeed be 115200. For the newer 1.1.5.xx ...
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How to log each G-code line read from the SD card to serial on marlin firmware

If you have the hardware at hand, you can use OctoPrint to collect the data you require. It's common for users to create an OctoPrint server on a Raspberry Pi, but it can be installed easily on a ...
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Adding a TMC2209 driver to BIGTREETECH SKR mini E3 V3.0 control board using Marlin

I have the same idea on the same board, but I think to stay with the DIR/STEP mode first. The CLK is useless for the DIR/STEP mode, then I suppose that it is useful for UART mode. But this datasheet ...
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What causes checksum mismatch error while printing from OctoPrint?

According to Marlin docs, these checksum mismatch errors were due to the baud rate being set incorrectly. The serial communication speed of the printer should be as fast as it can manage without ...
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Sending G-code commands to Hyrel System 30M using python

Sorry for the late answer, but with Repetrel v3 and later, we have the option for you to configure a secondary COM port, and relay G- or M-Code commands from your other source through the Repetrel ...
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Issues with OctoPi connecting to FlashForge Creator Pro via Serial Communication

I got the same problem. Auto-detect baud rate was not working too. So I manually tried every baud-rate and finally found one working, for me it was 115200. Good luck!
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