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Why does Cura remove a part of a model when slicing?

As mentioned in the comments. Probably the model contains too little space for the slicer to be able to slice for that nozzle size and resolution. You have a few options: Scale up the model Use a ...
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PrusaSlicer: How do I preserve the location of (interlocking) parts in a muliti-part model exported from OnShape / Blender?

I've found a way to do this, which I'll document here in case it helps someone else in the future. Export your parts as a single STEP file Import that STEP file into PrusaSlicer Set Print Settings &...
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Issues with slicer creating gaps with surfaces that are not in the model

Some Surfaces are likely inverted - which needs to be made visible. To see that in blender, you need to turn on "surface normals". The blue spikes should go out of the surfaces, showing the ...
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