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QiDi i-Fast print in parallel

It's not an IDEX, meaning they're not independent extruders. It has two connected extruders in one printhead, it can't do IDEX things, it can print with two different filaments, one at time.
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Is there a way to tell slicer which part of the model should be a continuous line?

It's not possible to have such fine control over the path generation, as far as I know. (Slicers don't really know what your “exterior wall” is.) In order to get a seamless junction you will need to ...
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Cura slicer, enforce Z move before layer change

Just do the z hop on passing printed parts - problem solved!
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Infill line start position

What can I change so that every infill line in each layer starts from the same position? With the current slicers probably nothing, but this may depend on the slicer you are using, it is not ...
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