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Short answer: It's probably 6 pin JST PH Long answer: Without seeing the socket, it's hard to say for sure, however most Nema 17 stepper motors use 6 pin JST PH connectors with 2.0mm pitch on the motor side. Many control boards use JST XH connectors with 2.5mm pitch on the board side. The two are not compatible with each other due to a difference in pitch ...


In an attempt to salvage my (sadly) previously incorrect answer (at the bottom), and to add to anttix's superlative answer, here is a quote from Stepper cable for MKS Boards pinout, which clearly shows the difference - locking and non-locking, and pitch difference (note the thickness of the plastic between each individual pin socket) - in the two plugs: ...


I had same issue. It is because filament broken inside mostly. If you are not using printer much, filaments effected from humid and broken easily.

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