In Cura Machine Settings, add M302 S70. Apparently, M302 P1 and M302 S0 do nothing, you need to define a non-zero minimum, and in my case, 70. Thanks to 0scar and Trish for your help.


70 °C is a specialty filament. It is well below the MIN_TEMP defined in any sane firmware. In Marlin, you can't turn on the extruder in any way, while this is online. You do need to define your firmware to allow such a print - either by dropping the value in the firmware or disabling Mintemp-protection and then flashing that firmware. That is quite invasive. ...


I don't think your temperature based explanation makes sense. This looks to me just like a first layer smashed against the bed, possibly too much due to nozzle being too low, followed by underextrusion when there's actually the right amount of space to extrude into. If you have fewer than 3 top layers or less than 0.6 mm of top layer thickness, you will ...

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