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This is a very well known issue that is caused by insufficient adhesion. The corners curl up during printing. You should increase the adhesion by: cleaning the bed (I use water and soap, others use isopropyl alcohol) better leveling, correct nozzle to build plate distance (dragging paper method), using a brim or so-called mouse ears in your design, ...


There are a few issues that could cause this. Roughness in your z-axis lead screw as pointed out by @TheLamestUsername is a leading contender I would say. I'd also extended that answer to include checking the belts for your X and Y axes as well as making sure that the rods the gantry slide on are smooth since the fault appears to be in about the same X-Y ...


A member of the public on Stack Exchange's forum gave me the answer: "The problem is not the hole 'collapsing' in and of itself. The problem is the material. Versatile Plastic is a layered powder fused together with a laser in multiple layers, so the unused power has to come out from the various holes in the model once printing is completed. However, ...


After trying about 10 USB cables I finally found one that would work with the Ender and Pi. Specifically, it was my Logitech MX Ergo USB cable.

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