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This is some kind of filament stuck in the hotend tube problem. Just like "heat creep" as mentioned above. PTFE pipes should be checked, all parts should be carefully cleaned. I also add checking the extruder (gears, tightness) to the list. The plastic extruder can structurally loosen or break over time. I switched to metal extruder a long time ago,...


I was getting intermittent underextrusion (to the point of brief "ghost printing") with my own Ender 3 over the past few days, after a couple weeks of exemplary operation. In looking the machine over (searching for issues that could cause clogging, for instance), I discovered that the "extruder arm" (the spring loaded arm on the extruder ...


funny I have the opposite worry, I have a CR10s5 and relaxed the whole hot end with the CR10v2 one and now I get a thermal error at 170 degrees and it shuts off, should I just replace the cartridge, or do I need to replace the fans tooo

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