Use this tag for questions related to specific movement of the X direction of the printer - Questions about a machine or 3D model's X-axis

For questions regarding troubleshooting or design of a 3D Printer or 3D model's X-axis.

For cartesian printers, the X-axis is usually the direction of horizontal movement of the hotend across the build plate to the maximum width of the printer.

For delta printers, the X-axis is used for, and defines, the movement of the first stepper associated with the first X-axis tower.

This is an axis or shaft direction in the Cartesian coordinate system. Three axes describe the complete movement of the 3D printer. The X-axis is usually the horizontal movement of the hotend from left to right when facing the a Cartesian style printer, or the horizontal hotend movement from side to side for non-moving platforms in the X direction (e.g. CoreXY or H-bot printers).