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Questions related to various types of stepper motor drivers
80 questions
Questions about techniques or troubleshooting support structures while 3D printing.
74 questions
Questions about stepper motors, a motor type commonly used in 3D printers.
68 questions
For questions about the Creality Ender 5 family of 3D printers
64 questions
For questions regarding RepRap (replicating rapid prototyper) project, its Firmware of the same name and related topics as FFF (Fused Filament Fabrication).
63 questions
for questions about PETG.
59 questions
For questions regarding `.stl` files and the STL file format.
59 questions
General questions about desktop 3D printers.
57 questions
Questions about delta-style 3D printers.
57 questions
Questions about the Stereolithography (SLA) method of 3D printing.
55 questions
For questions about materials in general. For filament related questions, please use print-material tag
55 questions
Questions about the 3D printer manufacturer MakerBot Industries
54 questions
For questions about precautions with regard to immediate safety and security, when operating a machine, or handling printing materials.
54 questions
Questions about any various motors on a 3D printer
54 questions
Questions about which filament to choose for a certain application belong here.
Octoprint is a web interface for 3D printers. It is hosted on http://octoprint.org/ and programmed by Gina Häußge.
53 questions
The build plate describes the flat piece of material you print on. A heated build plate is called a heat-bed (see separate tag). The material of the build plate influences the adhesion of the print ma…
52 questions
Managing temperatures in 3D printers. This includes hotends, heated beds, heated chambers, cooling elements and cooling of electronics.
51 questions
for question that relate to switches or probes to level the bed either manually or automatically
49 questions
Questions about the internal structure of a 3D printed part.
47 questions
For questions that concern the performance of a 3D printing operation, or for improving the speed of the operation performed.
44 questions
Repetier and repetier.com are projects concerned with 3D printer software. 'Repetier' is usually use synonymous for repetier-firmware, which is a 3D printer firmware. Use the 'repetier-host' tag if yo…
42 questions
The thermistor is an electronic component commonly used to sense temperature.
41 questions
For questions regarding the "homing" (positioning to a known location) of 3D printing devices.
40 questions
Questions about general maintenance and upkeep of printers.
39 questions
The Arduino Mega 2560 is one of the most common microprocessor boards used to control 3D printers. If you think your Arduino is part of your issue, you can use this tag.
39 questions
Computer Aided Design (CAD)
39 questions
Questions relating to the resolution of print layers, that is prints parallel to the Z-plane.
37 questions
For questions about the quality or durability of a finished 3D print, printing material or of a 3D printing machine.
36 questions
for questions related to specific movement of the Y direction of the printer - Questions about a machine or 3D model's Y-axis
35 questions
should involve the Bowden extruder - a type of FDM extruder that doesn't have the motor mounted to the printer's XY gantry.
35 questions
Questions related to the software slicing program called Simplify3D
34 questions
Questions about cooling 3D printers or 3D printed parts.
34 questions
Warping denotes the phenomenon of lifting edges during printing. Warping is a thermal expansion effect due to filament shrinking when cooling down.
34 questions
Questions related to the use of the program OpenSCAD and how it relates to creating parts for 3D printing
34 questions
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