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How do I do multi-colour printing?
8 votes

There are a few different approaches I've seen which you could look into. The easiest and most common is multiple extruders, each with a different color of thermoplastic. Tools like Pronterface and ...

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My heated glass print bed keeps chipping and cracking. How can I prevent this?
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6 votes

Some things I've tried that have helped: Lay down a layer of masking tape. Most people who do this use blue painter's tape. The plastic should stick nicely during printing, yet release reasonably ...

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How to upload my works to Thingiverse without making my real name public
Accepted answer
5 votes

To change your displayed name (as opposed to username) in Thingiverse: Go to your profile page Click "Edit Profile" on the info column on the left At the top, next to "Thingiverse Settings" is ...

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Methods for smoothing 3D objects
2 votes

Get a rock/jewelry tumbler and some tumbling media such as stainless steel shot, and try tumbling your print. For 3D printed plastic, your print will (a) need to be sturdy, and (b) not have any fine ...

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