I am a problem solver who likes meeting people and tackling new problems. I have extensive knowledge about Java and some of the major Java frameworks. I also know a lot of Python and have recently started to fall in love with Rust.

I have worked a lot with Amazon Web Services and even though I have not been certified as a solutions architect I do believe I possess the knowledge required to pass certification at the associate level (if not higher).

I am a quick learner and a quick thinker. I consider myself a team player and have a tendency to take on a lead role within my teams. I was certified as a Scrum Master though I prefer to focus on development and must admit that I care less about the actual development methodology used, as long as it is agile enough.

I am a strong believer in open source and even though I have never held an active role in any real project (I have a few small ones of my own lying around) I try to contribute whenever I can by submitting patches and reporting issues.

In my spare time I hang out with my two kids, but I also try to fit in audio books, reading, triathlons, craft beer, 3d-printing, cooking, and video games.

I'm social and can talk with both the business side and the developer side and I understand business values and why we write code.

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