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Embedding nuts and washers into print
4 votes

I've had good luck with just leaving a hex-shaped hole in the print, and press-fitting in the nut afterwards. You'll want the axis of the bolt to be along the z-axis, and to use a fair amount of ...

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BLTouch not leveling
3 votes

You are mixing and matching a few older techniques. That's understandable, because "older" means "as of three months ago." But there is a better way now: as of version 2.0, the SKR ...

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How to force Cura to walk through a layer in one run?
2 votes

I am not aware of a general solution. For your specific issue, try rotating the object 90 degrees around the z-axis.

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Why are Carbon 3D are not selling a home version?
2 votes

It looks like they have only one innovation: their resins. Everything else looks like standard SLA. All the things Carbon 3D are pitching on their website are more about having a dedicated support ...

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How can I tell if BLTouch is triggering?
1 votes

Problem is solved, though I still don't know how to test the BLTouch. I had reversed the power connection (black and white wires) at the connection to the extension cable. Swapping that connector back ...

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