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1 answer

Accidentally printed a chocolate mold instead of the object itself

This is my first time printing 3D of any kind. I'm not 100% sure what happened. The quality of some of these first printouts has ranged between 'not great' and 'unrecognizabe glop'. I'm testing with ...
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1 vote
3 answers

Chocolate printing vs casting?

I need to make chocolate busts. Is it better to make silicon reverse of the bust and cast the bust or directly print it using chocolate printer (I prefer cost and process speed over quality)? I don't ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How to set a new homing position using software and/or slicer without changing hardware end-stop?

Before the question, here is my setup; Prusa i3 (with mainboard Mks Gen v1.2) Repetier as slicer Marlin source code My main task is to convert my 3D printer into a chocolate printer. I have ...
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Chocolate printing

I have seen lots of printers that print chocolate using a syringe with molten chocolate. But, even cooler, would it be possible to print chocolate using some kind of feed system for continuous ...
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