I have a roll of Prima PETG, I like the strength but I am having a few issues - the outside perimeter of the first layer often breaks away as a loose string (so it's not bonding with the second layer or perimeter next to it), small areas tend to go gloopy and also bridging is very poor.

Have you suffered from these issues with PETG and if so how have you gotten around them?

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Those are fairly common issues and you should be able to tweak your way into good prints.

  • First layer perimeter bonding: Slow down first layer to around 15mm/s with fan off to address that bonding issue.
  • Gloopy blobs: To address the gloopy blobs, slow down to about 40mm/s or even less, and be sure to use wiping...also, maybe increase your retraction length.
  • Bridging: Use full fan for better bridging...note that bridging PETG is just harder than many other filaments, but it can be done. The reference below includes some more notes on bridging PETG successfully.

Ideal settings will vary based on your printer, your environment, and the characteristics of your specific filament. PETG can take some tweaking so don't be alarmed by the gloopy blobs, excessive stringing, and poor bridging, just plan to spend some time tweaking settings until you find a good balance.

Here is a fairly good reference for further tweaking with PETG.

If you'd like more help analyzing your print settings here, consider posting your current settings, your printer model, your ambient temperature, and pictures.

I hope this helps! :-)


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