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Control a 2D printer like a 3D printer

Probably barely on-topic, but I'm wondering if there's any way to control a 2D inkjet/laser printer similar to 3D printer. Specifically: Shifting the XY axis by a certain amount Controlling the paper ...
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Converting a 2D black and white image to a 3D model for printing on Linux

Windows has its 3D Builder software which upon importing an image, converts it to a heightmap of the image, aka turning it to a 3D model that can be saved as an stl. Does Linux have software with ...
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Can carving templates be produced from G-code?

I am looking for a way to generate 2D horizontal templates for manually carving an object. My thought was to produce an STL of the model, generate the G-code, and then transform that into slices. ...
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Can I sell a handpainted large scale 3D model of a copyrighted 2D concept art?

The art in question is . I Think the concept artist, Jean Giraud, is dead.
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Can't create image to G-code software for CNC to process

For the last 3 months I have been working on a CNC drawing machine but to this day I can't get the algorithm for line detection so I came here. I can't understand only one part and it is CAM the (...
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How to 3D print an ID card

Say I wanted to print a plastic credit card like shape (like these), but with a QR code engraved. How could I do that for cheap? You can buy an "ID card printer" for $1,000-1,500 on Amazon, but that's ...
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I want to print an image of a network in 3D — what's the best way to convert it?

Suppose I have an image like this below that I want to print in 3D. What would be the best format to convert it in?
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What is the simplest way to render an image of an obj exported from Tinkercad?

I like Tinkercad so far for it's very simple UI. (I'm new to 3D modeling and very confused by Blender and the like.) However, I'm not using it to do 3D printing just yet. For I'd like to be able to be ...
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Laser engraving software for Boxzy 3D printer

I have a laser-engraving "head" for one of my 3D printers (a Boxzy, so it's designed for it, not just strapping a random laser onto something), and I'd like to try using it to, well, engrave something....
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Is there a technique for turning an image into a 2d model?

The overall goal is to create a print of the liberty bell. No clapper is needed. The support beam is not needed. I am just looking to mimic the outside shape of the bell. After an application of ...
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