I want to buy the board Ramps 1.6 Plus. The description in the link says that is compatible with the driver TMC2130, but I found that there are two versions soldered in SPI mode.

  • BIGTREETECH TMC2130 V3.0. Where the diagnosis pins are soldered as well

  • TMC2130 V?. In this other product those pins are not soldered and I believe it will fit in the board


As you can see in the image other boards like the SKR 1.3 have some socket to plug in the diagnosis pins. But I don't see something similar in the Ramps 1.6, which has male pins instead.

  • Should I remove those pins in order to plug the driver? Or is there a better way to proceed?
  • I don't really know what the diagnosis pins do, are they really necessary? Should I buy the second option without those pins soldered to avoid problems?

Well I found that I can use a DuPont cable to connect the diag1 pin to the right endstop

enter image description here

There is also a beta functionality in the Marlin firmware I haven't tried: Just uncommenting SPI_ENDSTOPS definition

    * SPI_ENDSTOPS  *** Beta feature! *** TMC2130 Only ***
    * Poll the driver through SPI to determine load when homing.
    * Removes the need for a wire from DIAG1 to an endstop pin.
    * IMPROVE_HOMING_RELIABILITY tunes acceleration and jerk when
    * homing and adds a guard period for endstop triggering.
#define SENSORLESS_HOMING // StallGuard capable drivers only

    // TMC2209: 0...255. TMC2130: -64...63
    #define X_STALL_SENSITIVITY  8
    #define Y_STALL_SENSITIVITY  8
    //#define Z_STALL_SENSITIVITY  8
    //#define SPI_ENDSTOPS              // TMC2130 only

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