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Are there FDM epoxy/resin printers?

After seeing a question about FDM printing of temperature-resistant parts, high-temperature 2-part epoxy came to mind. Are there any (experimental or production) FDM extruders for laying viscous, fast-...
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1 answer

Plug simple stepper motor NEMA 17 on E2 slot of the main board on Creality CR10

I have build a Syringe Pump with a simple stepper motor (NEMA 17), and now I want to actuate it through my 3D printer. I successfully replaced the main extruder with it and it worked, although I had ...
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Problem with grid infill (line positioning)

I have a problem with the grid infill on my BCN3D+ Dual Paste extruder: when I print a structure the lines of the infill are not evenly printed, every two lines the gap between the lines is higher (...
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