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Ghosting refers to ripples in a print related to the geometry of the part. In an FDM printer, the ripples are caused by mechanical vibrations related to acceleration of parts of the printer.

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Where did Cura get this ghost layer from?

I designed a very simple boat in Tinkercad and then I printed it. No problem, but I wanted it a bit wider. So I made it wider in Tinkercad and printed it again. This second version has a crack in the ...
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How to fix evenly spaced vertical print pattern

These lines exist on all prints, PLA, ABS. They're 0.8 mm apart [20T 2GT pulley, 1.8°/step motor = 1 line/4 full-steps] Start to disappear above 75 mm/s but will still appear on slower axis when ...
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Vibration marks when printing slowly on Y-axis

My Anet A8 prints come out with vibration marks when I print under 80 mm/s. Above that value, it's fine. Has anyone experienced something like this with any axis? The Y-axis motor also ...
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Fix ghosting problem (damping versus bolting printer to a desk)

I have a Monoprice Maker Select v2. It is the kind where the moving plate (heat bed) provides the Y-axis and the moving extruder provides the X-axis. It has a fairly rigid sheet metal frame. In ...
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What causes "ghosting"?

I am printing some minion chess pieces for my teacher at school and on every model I have found something called "ghosting", or at least I heard that is what it is called. For example there is a strap ...
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