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Use this tag for questions related to specific movement of the Z direction of the printer - Questions about a machine or 3D model's Z-axis

For questions regarding troubleshooting or design of a 3D Printer or 3D model's Z-axis.

For cartesian printers, the Z-axis is usually the direction of vertical movement of the hotend to and from the build plate to the maximum height of the printer, or the lowering of the bed for non moving platform printers in the Z direction.

For delta printers, the Z-axis is used for, and defines, the movement of the third stepper associated with the third Z-axis tower.

This is an axis or shaft direction in the Cartesian coordinate system. Three axes describe the complete movement of the 3D printer. The Z-axis is usually the vertical movement of the platform from top to bottom when facing the a Cartesian style printer, or the vertical hotend movement up and down for non-moving platforms in the Z direction (e.g. CoreXY or H-bot printers).