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CraftBot XL (CoreXY) part of x-axis movement resistance / high force required

I have recently acquired a 'CraftBot XL' 3D printer (sold by CraftUnique), which is a CoreXY 3D printer with linear rails. It is a second-hand purchase and the seller were a company that had several. ...
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Bulging on distinctive lengths along the X-Axis (on all layers)

I have massive print-quality issues on my Anycubic Vyper. As you can see on the first, third and fourth image, there is some sort of bulging or shifting happening. The issue seems to be related to the ...
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How to define bed dimensions in Marlin for custom carriage / hot end?

How would I begin measuring my hotend / carriage dimensions in Marlin to prevent my hotend from slamming into the frame? I see in Marlin the 'define bed size' parameters ...
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Which material should I use to print a mounting adapter for the y-carriage?

I have purchased a replacement bed for my 3D printer. I wish to have it mounted on a single linear rail. Currently I am unable to drill properly into aluminum (due to problems with my drill). ...
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Why aren't fixed build platform 3D printers popular?

I'm trying to build a DIY 3D printer for myself. I've been exploring many different styles of printers and found this type of printer that has a fixed bed that stays fixed in one place and the whole ...
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