I got an Anet A8 for Christmas.

I am trying to print a calibration tower and the z axis stops lifting at approximately 100mm.

I checked that the gantry is able to travel along the full length of the threaded rods, and while resetting the bed height I noticed that the LCD display showed the extruder height above the bed. It reads 0 at home (good) but goes back to zero when I manually turn the rods so that the gantry goes above the heigh at which the print stopped.

Any thoughts on what to check? I am double checking all the mechanical bits (connection to stepper coupling, ease of turning, etc...).

My slicer is Cura 3.1.

  • $\begingroup$ Can you move higher in Z via the "position - Z-axis" menu on the printer? DId you make sure that the current z-limits for the printer volume in Cura are set correctly? $\endgroup$ Jan 9 '18 at 15:06
  • $\begingroup$ @CarlWitthoft - Cura won't produce any Gcode if the model doesn't fit entirely in the print volume, so I don't think that should be the cause. $\endgroup$
    – mac
    Jan 9 '18 at 21:50

I found two issues:

  • While cutting the cables to size, I made the cable for the z-axis too short.
  • In Cura the y height reset to 100mm rather than the 240mm I had earlier specified. I assume the G-code I used was sliced with the wrong settings.

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